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Traveling With Twins Internationally
Gina Cody
When traveling internationally with twins, there are a number of things to take into consideration: . . . More

Achieving Balance With New Twins in Your Life.
Gina Cody
With the birth of twins, parents should expect challenges in balancing home life and work or careers. Working parents will need to compromise one or the other at different points in time. While twins may extend the time necessary to reach career goals and aspirations, they do not necessarily need to prevent working parents from ultimately achieving those goals. . . . More

Is Popular Press in Synch With The Medical Community?
Gina Cody
The job of the press is to excite people into following their news stories. Many times, the media fails to take the time to distinguish falsehoods from facts. Much of the misconception and misunderstanding about the use of IVF is the result of poor media communications. . . . More

Care Directives of Twins if Something Should Happen to You
Bill Cody
Care directives for twins in the case that something should happen to you need to be established as part of your estate planning. The directives that you provide should take into consideration the age of the twins. According to data provided by the US Census Bureau, approximately one in twenty US children will experience the loss of a parent before 18 years of age. . . . More

You Can Breastfeed Twins and Here Is Why!
MTL Staff
Obviously, the process of breastfeeding twins or other multiples requires more work on behalf of the mother than breastfeeding a singleton. In fact, it may seem overwhelming at times, but you can do it. . . . More

Suggestions for Estate Matters Related to Twins
MTL Staff
Estate matters for twins are basically the same as those of any other sibling group. Matters of estate vary by individual state. Each state recognizes twins as two separate and distinct individuals and an estate must address individual entities. An estate is established through probate. Probate is the legal process for ensuring that property and assets of a deceased individual are properly distributed to the intended people. . . . More

Twin Studies - Inferences About Genetics.
MTL Staff
Scientists and researchers study twins to learn about a number of behaviors in people and genes (inheritance) and the environment influence that behavior. They compare identical twins who have identic . . . More

Do Twins Fight, Bicker or Argue?Do Twins Fight, Bicker or Argue?
Gina Cody
In toddlers, anger, frustration and acts of aggression, such as hitting, biting and arguing are normal and healthy behaviors. Young twins have lots of new tasks to learn and part of their frustration may have to do with a lack of skill when entering a new developmental stage, such as mastering fine motor skills. . . . More

The Fertility Discussion - Do parents divulge the process?The Fertility Discussion - Do parents divulge the process?
MTL Staff
Infertility is the condition associated with women who are not able to get pregnant after one year of trying or in the case of women 35 years of age or older, not being able to get pregnant after six months of trying. Infertility is also associated with women who get pregnant but are unable to stay pregnant. . . . More

Adolescent Twins - Adjustment, Challenges, PositivesAdolescent Twins - Adjustment, Challenges, Positives
MTL Staff
Many times, individuals fail to understand the life experiences of twins. As onlookers into the lives of twins, other individuals don't realize the implications of constantly being compared to another individual. Comments such as, "You must be the evil twin? Who is smarter? Who is finer? Who is nicer? Where is your other half?" . . . More

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